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Equine Physical Therapy

Onsite 45-60 min session per horse. Full assessment, musculoskeletal therapy comprising joint mobilization and multiple soft tissue therapies, acupuncture, and exercise programming. All equestrian disciplines, racehorses, and specializing in Thoroughbred foals, weanlings, and yearlings.


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Emma travels to her clients and performs a full body assessment inclusive of relevant history, your horse recieves a combination of modalities all covered in the capped price. Your horse is worked on for as long as required 45 -60mins on average but can vary. You will receive a written report from your session including anything of note discussed during the session. If you need to perform any stretches and exercises you will be shown and provide with written explaination as well. After your first session you will have an approximate treatment plan going forward including reasonable expectations. If you are a Thoroughbred Stud interested in utlising Emma's service please send an email and Emma will inform you further about what she offers for foals, weanlings, yearlings and breeding stock.

$125 per horse

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